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Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria

Section III
Regional courts

Article 76 The regional court shall be the main court of first instance. It shall be a competent jurisdiction in all cases, except those in which another court has jurisdiction by virtue of the law.

Article 77 (1) A regional court shall be composed of judges and headed by a chairperson. (2) Divisions may be set up at the regional court. (3) A criminal record bureau shall be set up at all regional courts. (4) The functions, the business arrangements of criminal record bureaux and the control of their business shall be set out in an ordinance of the Minister of Justice.

Article 78 A regional court shall examine cases in a panel composed of one judge, unless otherwise provided for by law.

Article 79 (1) In a regional court with at least three judges the general assembly shall consist of all judges. Where the number of judges is lesser than three, they shall take part in the general assembly of another regional court in the same judicial Regional designated by the chairperson of the district court. (2) The general assembly of the regional court shall: 1. Analyse and summarise the jurisprudence of the court, 2. Examine other matters at the proposal of the chairperson of the court or of a member of the general assembly. (3) The general assembly may not examine and adopt resolutions on organisational matters of court business falling in the competence of the chairperson of the regional court. (4) A general assembly shall take place where more than half of all judges are present and it shall adopt resolutions by a majority of more than half of the judges present.

Article 80 (1) The chairperson of a regional court shall: 1. Provide overall organisational and administrative direction, being responsible for the business of the court which he represents; 2. Prepare: a) The annual court business report no later than 31 January and submit it to the chairperson of the District court who shall incorporate it in his annual report, b) Electronic enquiries and statistics based on a model endorsed by the Minister of Justice and submit these to the Supreme Judicial Council, as well as to the Minister of Justice; 3. At the end of each semester he shall prepare and submit to the Inspectorate at the Supreme Judicial Council summarised information about the institution, progress and termination of files and cases of the judges, as well as about acts that have been definitely repealed by higher-standing instances, and, in addition, to the Minister of Justice - information about the institution, progress and termination of files and cases of state enforcement agents and recordation judges; 4. Take part in court hearings; 5. Inform the Minister of Justice of available positions for state enforcement agents and recordation judges; 6. Manage and control the work of state enforcement agents, of criminal record bureaux at the court and of recordation judges; 7. Second judges subject to the terms of Article 81; 8. Appoint and relieve from office clerks at the court and organise the work of the various services; 9. Convoke and head the general assembly of the court; 10. Organise the publication of effective acts on the website of the regional court; 11. Publish the annual court business report on the website of the regional court within one month of its submission to the chairperson of the district court. (2) Personal orders of the chairperson in relation to the work organisation of the court shall be binding on all judges and clerks thereat.

Article 81 (1) Where the position of judge at a regional court is not taken or a judge is prevented from discharging his office and may not be replaced by another judge of the same court, the chairperson of the respective district court may second in his stead a judge from another regional court, a judge from the district court or a junior judge with a service record of no less than two years, for a term of up to 6 months once in three years. (2) Where such secondment is impracticable, the chairperson of the appellate court may second a judge from the Regional of another district court subject to the conditions under Paragraph 1. (3) The secondment of the judge shall be coordinated with his administrative head.

Distribution of cases randomly

District Court Veliki Preslav use software for random distribution of cases and documentation of choice, developed by the Supreme Judicial Council. Random distribution of cases is done by early March 2006 for civil cases by mid-June 2006. for criminal cases.
Software provides transparency of the allocation of cases, allowing each case to check how was assigned (by random choice, duty, of a judge or judges who do not participate in the election) and that all judges have been involved in the automatic choice. Cases are referred by the President of the court. In the absence of the presiding judge, cases are allocated by the executing functional administrative officer, judge.
Software after a balanced workload of judges by allowing the case to be distributed according to his cipher, which provides a breakdown of cases by judges of equal weight.

Working time

The administration :

9.00 - 17.00



9.00 - 12.00 ; 12.30 - 17.00


The criminal record bureau :

9.00 - 12.00 ; 12.30 - 17.00





You need document ID /passport/ to enter in the court.


You will be checked from the officers of the "Court guards"


The courthouse is under video surveillance and security.


In the court has prohibited the entry with dirty clothes, flip flops, jerseys, shorts and very short skirts.


Entry is prohibited for persons apparently intoxicated.


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