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Veliki Preslav is a town in northeastern Bulgaria. It is located in Shoumen district and near the town of Shumen. The city is the third largest in area after Shumen Novi Pazar is the administrative center of Municipality Veliki Preslav



Veliki Preslav was the second Bulgarian capital (from 893 to 969 or 971), In 971 it was conquered and sacked by the Byzantines. In XI-XII century during the Byzantine rule after the uprising of Assen and Peter (1185-1187) is again a fortress.

The city was founded in the first half of IX century during the reign of Khan Omurtag as a military camp and garrison fortified palace, Tsar Simeon the Ist moved the capital of First Bulgarian Kingdom in Veliki Preslav, located 30 km from Veliko Tarnovo( Pliska.) He became the most beautiful in the north by the mountains and one of the most magnificent cities of Southeast Europe (the era of the "Golden Age").


The sights of the town

The National Historical and Archaeological Museum Veliki Preslav : Велики Преслав

includes restored and preserved parts of the excavations of the medieval town and museum, which kept some of the objects, The museum was founded on October 26, 1906 at the initiative of Yordan Gospodinov and local archaeological society "Ticha", The building, which is located today, was completed in 1981, the museum keeps more than 35,000 objects, of which about 1,700 were displayed for visitors.Reserve "Preslav" is one hundred tourist sites,
Ethnographic house - building from XVIII-XIX century, preserved in authentic form, In its present customs of the region has ethnographic collection, "St. Michael" was built 95 years ago, It is the only church in northeastern Bulgaria with frescoes - the work of Professor Nikolai Rostovtsev and his disciples, "St. Peter and Paul" - Revival church, built during the reign of Sultan Mahmud II in 1808-1839, the Temple-monument "St. Cyril and St. Methodius", built in honor of 1000 years of age Simeon the Ist.


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